Happy Birthday Funny Messages for Friends

Download list of short and long Happy Birthday Funny Messages. Birthday is a special event in our life. it should be celebrate with family and friend. If you crack some jokes on your friends birthday, they will like it.

List of Top Happy Birthday Funny Messages

  • Age is a funny thing because it adds years to your life, and also subtracts years from your life. Whichever way, it is never good news. Happy birthday.
  • Friendship is all about give and take. You can take the gift I got for you ONLY if you give an awesome party in return. Happy birthday.
  • Do not worry, I am right here by your side to help you mourn the death of your youth. Happy birthday.
  • It is amazing to see what a big difference one year can make in a person’s life. Last year, you were stupid and this year you have turned stupider. Congratulations and happy birthday.
  • On your birthday do not forget to set goals that are sky high, and spend the rest of the year trying to build a rocket to get there. Happy birthday.
  • Birthday meme for Wife.
  • When I look at you, I can not think of the worst part of getting older because everything about it seems bad. Happy birthday.
  • OLD is an abbreviation for Obsolete, Lazy and Dull. Congratulations for turning one year OLDer.
  • Some people may tell you that age has added grace and maturity to your looks. That’s a nice way of saying that you have become old and boring. Happy birthday.

Jolly Birthday messages

  • Getting someone as awesome as me to send a birthday message to you, has been your biggest achievement this year. Happy birthday.
  • The true meaning of our friendship is that we can celebrate your birthday even if you are broke and you can be happy even if friends do not have enough money to buy you a gift. Happy birthday.
  • You are going to need the lungs of Hercules to assault all these candles by yourself.
  • The wrinkles on your face say that you are old, your maturity levels say that you are a teenager while your birth certificate says something completely different. What should I trust? Happy birthday.
  • You Age Like Dairy Cheese. You Getting Smellier & Smellier!
  • When I was born I was so shocked I did not converse for a year and a half.
  • Some say the glass is half empty. other ones state the glass is half full. It’s your Birthday, so drink anything is in the glass.
  • Birthday Picture for Friends.
  • Smile and joke as much as you can while you still have teeth.
  • Overlook about the past, you can not change it, overlook about the future, you can not forecast it, forget about the present, I did not get you one!

Short Happy Birthday Funny Messages

  • We figured we would get the perfect measure of candles to put on your cake this year, but immediately came up short on space. Glad Birthday!
  • The best recommendation in life is “you need to welcome the insignificant details”. All things considered, I realize that spotting insignificant details is more difficult than one might expect at your age! Cheerful Birthday!
  • Seeing as I more often than not overlook everybody’s birthday celebrations. You ought to think of it as a supernatural occurrence that I’m sending you this message. Glad Birthday!
  • It’s about time one of us turned 18! Beverages are on you, at that point! Glad Birthday!
  • Try not to give your age a chance to get you down, soon you are permitted to begin figuring out how to drive. In any case, up to that point, on your bicycle! Upbeat Birthday!
  • To my sibling who still owes me a few major ones. I didn’t get you a blessing this year, so how about we call it even. Upbeat Birthday!
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  • I can’t accept how huge you’re getting! Since a long time ago gone are the days when I could take cake from your plate and nobody could ever be the smarter. Upbeat Birthday!
  • Wouldn’t you say it’s about time we grew up a piece and quit painting the town? I know what you’ll state. One year from now. Glad Birthday!
  • I’m not a devotee of sweet messages as you most likely are aware, birthday celebrations are for no particular reason! So we should dump the old people later and get all over the place like we used to! Glad Birthday!

List of more Funny Birthday Messages

  • For your birthday, I needed to make you something to help you to remember your childhood. But they were sold out of cavern craftsmanship and dinosaur bones.
  • In the event that I need to tie you up and swing a light over your head until you talk, I will. In the long run, you’ll spill the area of that Fountain of Youth you’ve found!
  • A lighter? We’re going to must a fire hurler to illuminate your candles.
  • In reality, I needed to make you something very extraordinary, too fantastic. Interesting and wonderful for your birthday, yet I don’t fit into the envelope.
  • To my companion on his birthday: I need you to realize that I’ve generally admired you. , you’re taller than me, but I’ve constantly appreciated your style and faultless prepping. , time to trim that nose hair.
  • Age is a significant expense to pay for development.
  • Something I got the hang of growing up with you, is that on the off chance that you have a fantasy, you ought to pursue it. That is to say, despite everything you can keep running in your age right? In any case, glad birthday!
  • Having you around made me feel like we will be youthful, yet, you wound up disrupting that guideline, you testy old geezer!
  • I trust you brushed your teeth at the beginning of today! Since with your age, I don’t know your teeth will get by until one year from now.
  • On the off chance that you trust in it, you can be anything! Except if you need to be youthful once more, at that point I’m apprehensive you missed that train old buddy!
  • No doubt, I will carry a couple of cans full with water today around evening time before you light up the candles. Would prefer not to be destitute on your birthday because of a unintentional fire! Glad birthday my companion!
  • Rather than being miserable in light of the fact that you grew up. Be upbeat since you won’t be the cranky old geezer you will progress toward becoming in 10 years! Cheerful birthday!

Hilarious Birthday Messages

  • Have a ton of fun as much as you can, yet not all that much, since you are at a defenseless age.
  • Cheerful birthday to an individual who is brilliant, gorgeous, and clever and helps me a ton to remember myself.
  • Have you ever attempt to get yourself in a refrigerator and see what occurs? It’s alright you can illuminate every one of your candles now? We as a whole have a glass of water in our grasp.
  • Cheerful birthday to you. You live in a zoo. You resemble a monkey. Also, you smell like one as well
  • Well … I don’t have the foggiest idea why, yet I had a compelling impulse to send you an instant message! Be that as it may, why? I know! Glad BIRTHDAY!
  • Upbeat Birthday! It’s about time you start acting like your genuine age.
  • Trusting that you can discover all the quality and boldness required… to blow the majority of the candles out.
  • Cheerful Birthday! The unavoidable came a year closer.
  • Trusting you move the night away or watch other individuals move late into the night, or if nothing else remain wakeful…
  • Glad Birthday! You look lovely for an individual who is by one year closer to death.
  • I remembered your birthday. I overlooked the present date!
  • Upbeat Birthday! You’re one year closer to your passing day.
  • I made sense of, what’s the most provoking activity. it’s the tallying of your wrinkles. Discovering one is inconceivable.
  • Cheerful Birthday, yet what’s your mystery; a time machine or something.
  • We’re going to need a greater cake to fit every one of your candles.
  • Cheerful Birthday, you’re not getting more established you’re only somewhat closer to death.
  • I needed to give you something remarkable, great and adoring on your birthday! Be that as it may, I didn’t fit on the screen!
  • Glad Birthday. I guarantee I won’t tell how old you are!

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