Happy Belated Birthday Meme with Funny Quotes

Belated Birthday Meme

Use this list of sweet Happy Belated Birthday Meme. If you have forgotten to wish a happy birthday on someone’s special day, then use late birthday wishes. Make friends happier, if you forget to wish them on their Birthday with the help of birthday memes.

A Birthday is always a special day for us and it is a day for full enjoyment. Sometimes we are busy in our lives and forget to wish a happy birthday to our loved ones. So, I am sharing this post about late birthday greetings.

Happy Belated Birthday Meme with Images

I am sorry i missed your birthday.I am sure if you don’t wish your loved ones on their birthday, They might feel upset and don’t want to talk to you. By using belated Birthday Images with funny wishes, you can control their mood.

Belated Birthday Meme Funny

Happy Belated Birthday Picture

Belated Birthday with Sorry Message

1. Even though I missed your special day by a mile, I wish you had celebrated your Birthday with a big smile.

2. I knew birthdays are very special. But let us make each and every day in our life special.

3. I am so sorry about forgetting to wish you on your birthday. please accept my belated birthday wishes in the spirit it is given.

Opps! Happy Belated Birthday

4. I know you had lots of wishes yesterday, but who is thinking of you today?

5. Two, four, six, eight. Sorry that this birthday cheer is late.

Happy Late Birthday

6. Sorry for making you feel bad on your birthday dear. Even though my wishes are reaching a little bit late, I do believe that at least now I can bring a smile on your face. Love you a lot.

7. Because I forgot wishing on your special does not mean that you do not look like a buffoon anymore. Hope you had lots of fun and partied like hell.

Late Birthday Memes

8. I Do not Always Wish People A Happy Birthday But When I Do not Always Too Late.

Sorry I am Late! Birthday Image

9. Though I missed your special day, my love and support for you will be forever. Love you my friend.

10. As a punishment for wishing you late, I send you a bag full of kisses and roses.

Sorry I missed your birthday.

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This Post is all about the Funny Happy Birthday Meme for a Friend, Her, Him, Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother. Happy Birthday is one of the best days in everyone life and it’s a day to enjoy with your Friends, Lover, and Family.

Greeting Happy Birthday Late.

Belated Birthday

Funny Belated Birthday Meme

1. Yes I Forget Your Special Day,
Because This Is The Only,
Special Day That You Do not,
Share With Me.

2. I forgot to wish you a happy birthday friend,
But trust me I always wish to god that,
your every day is a happy day.

3. I forgot your special day,
by mistake,
But believe me our friendship is,
beyond the birthday cake.

4. I have forgotten all the,
world for your love,
And sorry birthday dates,
are also part of the world,
Happy late birthday.

5. I wish you had celebrated your special day in an unbelievable way. Am very that for not remembering your B-day. Please accept my apologies.

6. Sorry for my memory power. May be we tend to forget our special day when we grow older each day. Happy late happy birthday.

7. Actually I thought to wish you with a beautiful greeting card, but unfortunately I lost happy birthday friend it somewhere.

8. Sorry friend, I forgot to greet you on your Birth day. Better late than never, I wish you stay happy forever.

9. Sorry for making you very angry. Will never forget to wish you on time. Happy birthday my cutest friend.

10. It is not my fault you are not on Facebook. Sign up, or remind me a few days before it is your birthday next time.

11. If you had to accept a bribe to forgive someone, what would it be? Tell me because I need to wish you a late happy birthday.

12. I never forgot your birth anniversary buddy. I wanted to annoy you a little bit by sending my wishes a tad later.

Late Birthday Wishes and Greeting Messages

1. I could have sent you a birthday greeting on your birthday and I could have started Google, but I didn’t. You are happy with Google so why not be happy with me being a little tardy in saying Happy Birthday.

2. Even though I missed your birthday by a mile, I hope you celebrated it with a smile.

3. When things get busy, time slips by, but birth anniversary never wait. So finally when we send our greetings, they may be a little late. But when it is someone so special that we like a lot, our thoughts are always on time, it is our greeting that is not.

Forget Sister’s Birthday – Use theseĀ Belated Birthday Meme

4. Two, four, six, eight. Sorry that this birthday cheer is late! Happy birth anniversary.

5. Because I missed your birthday doesn’t mean that you don’t look like a monkey. Hope you had a barrel of fun.

6. This wish may be coming in a bit late but it does not mean that you are excused from giving another party for me.

7. No matter what I do, it will never change the fact that I forgot your birthday. So get over it. Late happy birthday.

8. The best quality of a cool friend like you is that they never get angry when someone forgets to wish them on their birthday.

9. Surprise! I haven’t forgotten your birth anniversary. Late wishes to you, my dear friend.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother

You can use Belated Birthday Meme for brother. Make him smile on his special day.

10. You live life in the fast lane but I move a little slower. That is why I am a little behind you on celebrating your birthday.

11. Even though I missed sending you a birthday message, nothing can stop me from wishing you now. May the God almighty shower blessing upon you.

12. For god’s sake do not think that I don’t care for you. You are always special to me. Sorry for missing out on your birthday. I wish you a very happy birthday from bottom of my heart.

13. Do you need a reason to celebrate a party? You can take the late wishes on your birthday as a chance to enjoy yourself and have another blasting party.

14. I won’t miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday. But you know I am late.

15. People often say that burn the candles at both ends. May be, that means you can celebrate your birth anniversary both after and before the real birth date. I am helping you in celebrating the late birthday with this late happy birthday.

16. If you are a day short then you are a dollar short. As I missed your special day by more than so I will not have any gift for you. kidding.
17. Though my greeting is reaching little late, but I hope that it will bring plenty of happiness on your face.

18. I am making this late birth anniversary wish that your every day of life becomes peaceful.

19. I hope that your special day was a wonderful one and you enjoyed that day a lot. Have an amazing year.


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