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Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes To Bring Positive Thoughts

In this post, you can find romantic Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes, Wishes, Images and Messages for friends and lover. Here, you can download more than 100 good night messages for friend. You can choose according to their mood and nature. We have made good night quotes in different category for friend, loved ones and lover.

Good Night Sweet Dreams

Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes

  1. Close your eyes, my dear, take a full breath and have a sweet dream. You may have the best night. Good Night.
  2. The lights are off, time to rest, goodnight dear, may you have the most splendid dream. Good Night, Sweet Friend.
  3. Value all the magnificent minutes today. Think of them as when you hit the sack around nighttime for a fair night’s rest.
  4. The stars are splendid, turn off the light, I wish you a sweet night.
  5. The world is a better spot than be a consequence of you. Goodnight Dear.
  6. The stars shine and shimmer as you do in my life. Have a tolerable night’s rest.
  7. You are in my contemplation and petitions. Have an unprecedented night’s rest.

To make Someone Night Special

  1. I have loved the stars also to be in any capacity awful of the night.
  2. May my supplications bring you marvelous dreams and supported night rest. Take care and sleep tight.
  3. May my arms will get in touch with you and grasp you an extraordinary night to wish you sweet dreams and goodnight.
  4. Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I esteem my life. Thankful to you and goodnight.
  5. Goodnight, sweet dreams, and understand that about it and considering you.
  6. The best interface among misery and desire is a better than average night’s rest. You have a loosening up night and an amazing day tomorrow.
  7. My life is better than anything in my dreams, because of you. I really miss you now.
  8. How is that you are in my mind when I get up when I hit the roughage and all the time in the center? Goodnight my fondness.
  9. I smile because of you when I get up at the start of the day, and I smile because of you when I hit the sack around nighttime. Goodnight my friend.

Good Night Image for Friends

Good Night Short SMS

  1. Dreams are wonderful because of you, my fondness. Goodnight!
  2. Have a better than average night, you alluring thing, I’ll see you in my dreams.
  3. Check the stars, count sheep, recall that you’re favorable luck, and rely upon me to venerate you until the part of the arrangement.
  4. May cover cloudiness overlay itself up to you, enhancing you with its calm handle, as you coast to rest.
  5. Tomorrow is a new beginning, a new beginning, a fresh start. Rest, my reverence.
  6. Rest, a brilliant surrender, a stimulating of the soul, a blessing of the night. Appreciate.
  7. In case I was with you today around nighttime, I’d hold you close, take in your gorgeousness, and include you with sweet love.
  8. As the stars keep vigil, may the moon control you to the spot that is known for sweet dreams by its wonderful splendor.
  9. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and listen as the stars climb the night sky to hang over your calming rest. Great Night, my dear!
  10. I believe that your reality with me is grand to the point that when you’re alert. You wonder on the off chance that you’re imagining, and when you’re envisioning. You wonder, on the off chance that you’re attentive.

Night Wishes for Love

Good Night Wishes for Love

  1. The stars are notes in the night sky, twinkling your very own sleep time melody. Goodnight love.
  2. When you rest tonight, understand that I will be here for you in spite of. Have a peaceful rest, love.
  3. Goodnight, my love, I’ll see you around the start of the day.
  4. Loosen up and slacken up, may your dreams be insightful, and known as your rest that you’re at the bleeding edge of my considerations. Today, around nighttime. Goodnight my Love!
  5. A night so sensible, a love so remarkable, may God’s hands keep you in His thought. Sweet Dreams, my Love.
  6. You understand the sum, I appreciate and adore you. Goodnight blessed messenger.
  7. As an incredible flying animal takes off and broadens its wings, that is how your worship makes me feel; you’re my start and end. Goodnight my Love!
  8. You are the star that shines and lights up my life. The incredible night, my veneration!
  9. Today was breathtaking and brilliant because of you. Have a better than average night’s rest, my dear.
  10. I need to be in your warm arms tonight. I miss you to such a degree. Goodnight my love.

I hope you liked my article about Good Night Sweet Dreams Quotes, Wishes, Images and Messages. In my previous post, you can check good morning quotes for friend. Soon I will update more good night messages in this post.


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