10 Best Happy Birthday Funny Messages for Sister

By | May 27, 2017

Here is my Best Collection Of Top Happy Birthday Funny Messages for Sister in Hindi and English. If you love your Beautiful and Cute Sister, the do share this collection of Funny Birthday Messages on her upcoming Birthday.

Sister is our Best Friend, and her Birthday is also a special day for her. We should make her smile on her Special day. She is the one who Always Loves us and Takes Care of us. So She also deserves a Best Gift on her Birthday.

Birthday Funny Messages for Sister

Happy Birthday Funny Messages for Sister

Dear Sister you are so Sweet, Lovely and annoying. Wait, Don’t be Angry! I was just Trying to Make my Wishes Funny 🙂 Happy Birthday Dear Sister!

Since Today’s your Birthday, I’ll do you the Favor of not telling everyone about your Childhood Pranks. Have a Great Funny Birthday Wishes to U! Cheers!
Dear Sister, you are a Source of Joy in my Life and I am so Grateful for You. My Heart full Happy Funny Birthday Wishes to U..! 🙂

Dear Sister, you have been both a Joy and a Pain in my Life, though I think perhaps a Greater Joy. You know what I’m Saying. Celebrate with Funny Birthday Wishes! ha..haa..

Funny Birthday Messages for Sister in English

Birthday Funny Messages for Sister

My Dear Sister, You are Mom’s Second Favorite Child… Guess Who is No. #1 . . . 🙂 My Special Funny Birthday Wishes to You!

On your Birthday, I am not going to tell you how you look because I don’t want to Spoil your Appetite for your Favorite Birthday Cake. Celebrate My Best Funny Birthday Wishes on this Special Day…

You are Lucky I made all the Mistakes for you First. Celebrate the Beautiful & Funny Birthday with Special Wishes!
You are so Sweet, Kind and Thoughtful..! Thank you for being such a Wonderful Younger Sister. Have a Great Birthday Wishes to U..

Funny Birthday Messages for Older Sister

You are such a Special Younger Sister, I don’t know who I would Tease without You. My Best Blessings & Funny Birthday Wishes With Love !

Tonight your Older Sister is Going to show you how to Party. Get Ready for Funny Birthday Celebrations!

No matter how Old you Get, you will always be my Sweet Little Sister. Lovely Birthday Wishes & Happy Celebrations my Cute Sister..!

You are My Sister, My Foe, My Friend, My Crime Partner, My Muse, My Judge and My accomplice.. You are in short, My Sister.. Fruitful and Funny Birthday Celebrations with Cute Wishes…

Funny Birthday Messages for Little Sister

Birthday Funny Messages for Sister
Sister! Sister!! Sister!!! Sister!!!! Sis! Sis!! Sis!! Sis! Did I get your attention yet? It’s your Birthday! Have an Incredible Day! Happy Birthday Special Wishes and Celebrate the Funny 🙂 Day..

Though the Distance may be far between Us, I know the Love we have for each other knows no Boundaries. Funny Birthday Wishes from Your Dear Brother 🙂

You will never turn this age again—EVER! So, enjoy and soak in every second of it. Think of all the incredible accomplishments and strides you’ve made this past year. You’ve come such a long way! Be proud and start this new year, new chapter, off with a bang! Cheers to you my sweet sister! I hope this birthday is as amazing as you are!

I know who you are. I know where you live. I want you to know that I don’t have money but what I do have are a particular set of skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. I will find you… and wish you a very happy birthday, sister!

God made us sisters, but a shared love of wine and Game of Thrones has made us the best of friends. Happy Birthday to you my awesome sister!

If you were chosen to represent our district in the Hunger Games I would definitely not take your place, but I would send you those little packages full of surprises! Happy Birthday to you, Sister!

Funny Birthday Wishes for sister on Facebook

I think God knew we were two-of-a-kind and that’s why he made us sisters! I love how we can finish each other’s sentences and have inside jokes. You’re amazing and I hope you have a very… Guess what was I going to say? Yeah, that thing, you see?

Happy Birthday Sister Meme

Happy Birthday to one old fart from another! We’re so blessed to be able to grow old and senile together. Who knows—we might even get to be roommates in the old age home?! How crazy would that be! You’re the best sister anyone could ever ask for!

You are one-in-a-million! I hope you have a great birthday with all the people you love, and me, someone who is also one-in-a-million. Happy Birthday to you, my favorite sister! Together we bend the statistics!

Funny 20th Birthday Messages for your Sister

May your holidays be long and your work days be short. Enjoy every moment of being 20.
As you celebrate your 20th birthday, I just want to congratulate you on successful beating teen pregnancy!

May you never be called ugly in your life. And if you ever encounter the misfortune to be called ugly, may God give you the strength to come up with the legendary comeback “I’m not a mirror”. Happy birthday.

They say all you need in this life is love, and for that reason all I am sending you for your Big Day is my love, instead of some fancy present. I’m I not the best brother/sister in the whole wide world?! Happy 20th, dear sister.

What an interesting age you have gotten to. You are no longer a teenager, and yet you aren’t old enough to enjoy a good drink. Happy 20th birthday.

Hi Hip Hooray! My wonderful sister is finally in her twenties! Even if you haven’t achieved anything in life, you should be proud that you successfully avoided becoming a teenage mom. That’s some substantial achievement. Now, let the party begin!

Today is your special day. So you shall sit back, relax and have some beer. Oh wait, you still haven’t reached the age where you can enjoy a drink. Happy 20th.

I hope you like my collection of Happy Birthday Funny Messages for Sister.