The Best Love Poems

The best Love Poems with images to dedicate to all your loved ones, to the person you love most. You should express your love feeling using poetic words. Send a beautiful romantic love poem to the person you love most in the world. It can become a unique, beautiful and special detail.

Long Love Poems

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Long Love Poems

Love Poems

Below, I have shared list of many long love poems. You can choose beautiful Poems for your Boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • I will tell you wishes in your dreams,
    pleasure will be my weapon to dream
    I will travel your soul
    And I’ll kidnap your love
    There will be no rescue:
    Only passion.
  • You know silence and dreams,
    with melodies of tenderness
    and touch of desire,
    you know my world
    to everything I crave,
    You know love, my love.
  • Sleeping, I dreamed of you
    I woke up and kept dreaming
    I imagined you existed
    I felt that I loved you
    I thought I loved you
    And I dreamed again because you loved me.
  • I don’t see you?
    I don’t feel you
    What are you so far away?
    Tell me who told you that,
    If I look at you in my memories,
    If I feel you in my chest
    and in my heart I carry you
  • I’m going to spend the afternoon
    to think of you, precious
    to write you simple things
    That to you, they are beautiful.

    I barely know you
    and I see you special
    Even if you say no
    It is my opinion, and there is.

    The biggest flaw
    is to never see ours
    I see you so perfect
    so discreet and natural
    that has simple sight defects
    I have not found you.

    But i am realistic
    I have imagined that you will have
    Like all people
    To give and give.

    That’s why I like to hear you
    say I’m not special
    what others say
    You must never believe.

    But it is very rewarding
    that of one always speak well
    that give value to your facts
    and in your way of being.

    That’s why I repeat
    for me you’re special
    your opinion, it doesn’t work here
    You will have to keep it.

    And even if you have your flaws
    as is logical and normal
    I will keep repeating you
    You are special.

  • I love to remember those afternoons by your side,
    When his soul and mine went hand in hand.
    Sit in the park and see the bluish sky,
    Of everything I said nothing was said in vain.

    I remember how you smiled,
    When you walked with me
    Always playing, doing nonsense
    But for you I will always be just a friend

    Only you can change my days
    That’s why I ask you not to go away
    Against your absence I don’t want to fight
    With you my life is full of travel

    I constantly dream you
    You do not get out of my head,
    You are the owner of my mind,
    You are my princess.

Short love Poems

love Poems

Short poems to fall in love with are beautiful and special, because they help us demonstrate what we feel. Dedicating them with all the sincerity of our heart is a detail that will surely conquer the person you love. So do not let more time go by without dedicating a short and beautiful love poem to that person who fills your days with light and joy.

The best short and beautiful love poems for romantic brides and grooms, the best beautiful poems to dedicate. Undoubtedly, beautiful short love poems are the most beautiful expression of the heart.

  • When the sea is round and the sun stops shining, that will be the day I can forget you.
  • If loving you is a criminal offense, I will be, I will serve my sentence, but I will never forget you.
  • You fill my life with color, you enlighten my awakening, I love you more every day and I don’t want to forget you
  • You are my joy, my inspiration, the most beautiful song that comes from my heart.
  • I’m not afraid of anything, but I still can’t explain why I tremble every time I see you.
  • Your eyes are my spell against the bad day, I love you for your gaze that looks and sows future.
  • I would like to be a butterfly with cotton wings to get into your chest and steal your heart.
  • My skin hurts for not touching you, my eyes hurt for not seeing you; Living without you is like living without air.
  • A pencil without a tip cannot write and I cannot live without your love.
  • You are not part of my life, you are my whole life.
  • You are my darling, you are my illusion, you are a rose sprouting in my heart.
  • Yesterday I dreamed you, today I met you, tomorrow I will love you and I will never forget you.
  • And I hope to spend my days sitting next to you, I could spend hours just watching you sleep.
  • I fell in love with you in a second, but I won’t forget you in a century.
  • When the sea dries and the sun stops shining, that will be the day I stop loving you.
  • I love you without measure, I love you without reason, you are the most beautiful thing that has come to my life, the owner of my heart.

Love poems for Your girlfriend

The best love poems for your romantic girlfriend are here, words from the heart that express all my sincere and infinite feelings.

  • Flowers sound, caresses sound, petals adorn your eyes, the aroma is that of your skin, passion overflows everything is love, everything is love, because loving you is beautiful, loving you is living.
  • If your eyes were bright and your lips the sea, what a beautiful landscape to admire.
  • Let’s see how I express so much love, that if it were kisses it would not fit in your heart.
  • When I rest my ear on the snail of your ear I hear the sea of ​​your heart.
  • You came into my life and opened my heart, you filled me with joy and for you I lost my mind.
  • I look forward to trying your lips and entering your heart, and invading your thoughts until you lose your mind.
  • I will make my love not forget that my name in your memories remains and if it is true that love dies, I will make time stand still.
  • She is an angel from heaven, a divine gift for me, emerged from a friendship and a love for eternity.
  • A thousand things I can tell you, hundreds of them write but the only certain thing is that I need you to live.
  • I still don’t lower the stars but I assure you that with each kiss of yours you take me to them.

Love poems to fall in love

  • If I miss you, How not to look for you. How not to dream you, if I want you here with me. How not to fall you in love, I love you.
  • No one will be alone with you. Until my bones turn to ashes and my heart stops beating.
  • Remember the day, remember the month, remember the kiss we had the first time.
  • The little birds are sad when the sky is cloudy, the same thing happens to me when I am by your side.
  • I adore when you give me a smile, because it means that at least for an instant, I have managed to invade the intimacy of your unaffected thoughts.
  • For a look a world, for a smile a sky, for a kiss … I don’t know what I would give for a kiss.
  • I love your smile, I love the way you look at me, but much more I love loving you every day of my life.
  • Without you dreams sleep, peace fights, and the warrior gives up, without your steps my feet no longer walk, my hugs do not hug.
  • I give you my heart because it will always beat, only together with yours, love and life will have.
  • My tactic is to stay in your memory, I do not know how or I know with what pretext, but stay in you.
  • I’m back to the way I was, but this time different, this time she dies, in my heart and in my mind.
  • A rose is a flower, a treasure a fortune, and someone like you, I don’t exchange it for any.
  • Someday, I will explain you with kisses because my soul trembles when you look at me.
  • I know that I will love you without questions, I know that you will love me without answers.
  • Your eyes are bright, your velvet lips, and a love like the one , it is impossible to hide it.

Love poems for wife

  • The day I met you was a wonderful experience, that moment I understood that you were going to be my wife.
  • I dedicate this poem to you on this memorable date, in the toughest situations our love has been stable.
  • As the years have passed and it seems like yesterday, when we were two strangers and today you are my wife.
  • For me you are the rose that perfumed my existence, so my beloved wife, I never want to see you suffer.
  • My wife, every day I get up and feel your heart that fills my soul with joy and passion.
  • It is the most beautiful gift that my God could give me, I love her more than anyone else, and only in her can I find the truth, the sincere and spotless love that no other can deliver.
  • Thank you wife, my love, my port of life, my enchanted rose, my orchid of life, my happiness, thanks to you, I live , and accomplished.
  • There are, love, love, but the only real one in you can find it.
  • I ask you to be my wife because I love you woman, you are the most beautiful today I give you my love.

Love Verses

The most beautiful short love verses to dedicate with all my heart to the person you love a lot in this life. We are sure that these romantic short verses will reach the deepest part of the heart of your loved one.

  • You are my first thought in the day and the last one at night.
  • I like snow and ice cream, but what I like most is being by your side.
  • I can lose you, I can hate you, but it is impossible to forget you.
  • If I were the sea and you were a rock, I would raise the tide to kiss your mouth.
  • If you are with me I will always love you, but if you leave me I will never forget you.
  • I don’t have wings to go to heaven, but I have words to say I love you.
  • I don’t need the sea anymore, because when I see your pretty eyes I navigate your gaze.
  • How beautiful is the sky when it is clear, but much more beautiful is when you are by my side.
  • I don’t know how long we will last, I don’t know what we are left in, but what I do know is that I still love you.
  • They say that stealing is bad, I would never do it but a kiss from you, I would gladly steal it.
  • I love you to make coffee in the morning, caresses in the afternoon and love at night.
  • Last night I gave each star a reason why I love you, I lacked night and stars.
  • From the sky a handkerchief fell, embroidered in a thousand colors and on each side said “Love of my loves.”
  • Happiness has 9 letters, mine only has 2: You.
  • The sun is so beautiful, the moon is so beautiful, someone like you does not change it for any.
  • If I lost your tenderness and attention, my life would lose all illusion.

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